Metal Butterfly

One of a kind butterfly sculpted metal bowtie

An elegant, unique bow tie to accompany your special moments

Made from a coated single aluminium plate using precision sheet metal processing technology, Metal Butterfly is a special bow tie inspired by the exquisite design of a butterfly wing.

And to express the beautiful gradation of real butterflies, 7 layers of coating are applied from the base to the top.

Comes with a specially designed neckband that you can attach 

and detach, both side of our bow tie bears a unique design. 

On the back, the motif of the traditional Japanese pattern that represent 'Harmony' and 'Relationship' together with 'Ashanti Blood' a flower native to Africa and Congo that encompass our brand's logo and concept. Enjoy your metal butterfly according to your mood and outfit of the day.

T y p e

MB−501・Papillio Ulysses


A bow tie inspired by Papillio Ulysses, a stunning butterfly native to North Eastern Australia, New Guinea and The Solomon Island. The Japanese's name for this butterfly is 「オオルリアゲハ」and is called 'The Butterfly That Carries Happiness'.

 MB−502・Agrias Claudina


This model is based on the motif of Agrias Claudina, an alluring butterfly inhabiting the tropical rainforest of Colombia and Brazil. Given the name「ミイロタテハ」by the Japanese, this butterfly bares a beautiful passionate red color on their wings symbolising 'Eternal Love' and 'Zeal'.



"Connecting people and colouring the best moment of their life"

Nowadays, bow ties can be considered as a casual daily fashion accessories. But wearing a bow tie has not lost its sense of formality in it. The charm of formality has its own allure attached to it. Such events that called for the classical bow tie would be weddings, parties,

concerts, and even award ceremonies, to name a few. In situations where you need to look and feel your best, the fashion and style you wear can be considered as a way of honouring the other party. In other words, it can be a form of communication by showing how 

you feel  and your character through the way you dress. A fun and stylish Metal Butterfly will help you show your casual yet charismatic side. From now on, we will help provide you with the bow tie you need to accompany you through the most important and joyous event of your life.

"I don't fight, because it'll make my clothes dirty"

La Sape, the 'Elegant Gentlemen' movement of Congo

Our Metal Butterfly took inspiration from La Sape, a fashion movement from the Republic of Congo. In the face of scarcity and poverty, they haven't lost their refined fashion sense and still enjoy a walk around the city in stylish clothes, dressed in a dashing suit and shoes. 

 While preserving their desire to maintain a dazzling appearance, they never neglected their inner quest for ethics and earnest humanity. Congo has a long history of civil war. Fellow citizens fighting each other, and countrymen fighting other countrymen. The reality is for them, once the war begins, their 

favourite suits and shoes that they've collected so hard will disappear in the ensuing war. "Discard your weapon and live elegantly", while carrying this statement, the people of La Sape movement, called Sapeur, received the title 'Gentlemen of Peace'.

”We want to help create a better future for Africa

together with Sapeur"

Having inspired by Sapeur, our first idea was “can we design a fashion accessory using the sheet metal processing technology that we have cultivated over the years?”. With our company 30 years of experience in metal processing technology what created from that aspiration is our Metal Butterfly. 

In summer of 2018, we took the challenge of crowdfunding. The result was more than we could've hoped for. We received ample of warm support and was even able to exceed our initial target Through other support we were able to complete the project. 

On April 28th of 2019, we headed to Republic of Congo to meet The Sapeur. Together with Sapeur, our goal is to help realize our dream of a better world and a sustainable development of Africa through Metal Butterfly.

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