Metal Butterfly bow tie

Beautiful Butterfly bow tie with a real butterfly design

Metal Butterfly bow tie in the shape of a real-life butterfly.
Metal Butterfly

The "Bow tie" is called "Butterfly bow tie" in Japan. However, despite the fact that it is called a "butterfly", we have never seen a bow tie that is infinitely more butterfly-shaped.


So we did some research on butterflies and found out that they have several positive meanings. We discovered that butterflies have a number of positive meanings. For example, in feng shui, it means "beauty" or "love", in ancient Greece it was the "incarnation of a beloved deceased person", in Christianity, it is "resurrection"; in Indian culture, it is "change" and "joy". In other words, we believe that a bow tie with the design of an actual butterfly is a symbol of the people's thoughts It's the most appropriate item as a especially in spectacular party scenes such as weddings and award ceremonies.


Metal Butterfly bow tie will make your personality shine at your wedding and other party occasions.

We are a company that specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication. In the spring of 2018, we made our first bow tie with aluminum. We chose aluminum as the material of the bow tie because it is light and easy to work with. If the body is too heavy, the bow tie will not be able to do its job and will hang down in front of the body. Therefore, we pursued a perfect balance between lightness and not being easily deformed.


We have managed to design a body that follows the same form as the existing fabric bow tie, but with a butterfly-like outline and the curvature of metal. We also figured that we could express the beautiful wings of a real-life butterfly if we applied a custom-painted, intricate and vibrant coloration to this body.


Of course, we also thought about anodizing the body. However, we found that the custom paint job was much better than the anodizing job, and the results were much better than the anodizing job. It was very expressive. Also, as far as we searched the web, there was no such butterfly bow tie in the world.


Reversible Bow Tie

Existing fabric bow ties do not have the concept of reversibility. However, if the bow tie is made of metal, then the revolutionary idea can be realized.

Our bow tie has two parts. The front face is made of metal, the neckband is made of fabric, and each part is made of a different material. In order to fix the metal face in place, the neckband must have a holder. So we made the holder a button type. In doing so, we were able to draw different designs on the front and back of the aluminum body, making it reversible. It made it possible for us to have fun. A great idea came to mind and we were able to develop a mechanism for it.


We have chosen silk as the material for the neckband. Silk's luxurious luster and supple texture make you feel great when you pick up the product. It will bring you joy. The neckband has different designs on the outer and the inner side. On the outside we have a deep and elegant black, and on the inside we have a colorful fabric with an African twist Select.


We designed both sides of the metal face. A real-life butterfly design on the side of the metal face and a redesigned Metal Butterfly's brand logo. In addition, the airbrush custom paintwork was applied with seven coats of paint on both the front and back of each. This generous application of paint allows for a complex and deep graphic expression. 

The best encounters and joys, and with SAPEURS, the gentleman of peace.

In developing this product, we are very grateful to our family and friends, who are invaluable to us. . And my meeting with SAPEURS was equal to that. My respect for the greats is immeasurable.


SAPEUR is a fashion collective in the Republic of Congo. Despite earning only $300 to $400 a month, they are able to buy all kinds of luxury brand suits and shoes, and have a lot of money to spare. They are the epitome of elegance as they sashay through the streets with their own unique fashion sense. However, they are not only glamorous on the outside, but also have a strong sense of ethics and sincere humanity, and they never stop exploring their inner world. Not neglected.


The Congo was in the midst of a long civil war. People of the same nation repeatedly fought each other in the same country. Once the war broke out, the suits and shoes that they had bought for themselves disappeared in the fires of war. I would.


"Let us lay down our arms and live elegantly."


With that message they gave, SAPEURS gradually became known as a 'gentleman of peace'.

 We were motivated by their message and we wanted to use the industrial skills for the peace they wanted.


In the summer of 2018, we took up a crowdfunding challenge in Japan. As a result, we were able to raise more support than our goal. And in April 2019, we headed to the Republic of Congo to meet with SAPEURS to thank them. And now, we are currently donating a portion of the sales of Metal Butterfly to various organizations working for the future of Africa.

Metal Butterfly's brand logo is based on the traditional Japanese "Shippou" pattern. From the biginning of development, we have adopted the traditional Japanese craft "Shippou-yaki" (Cloisonne) as the design on the back side of the tie. The respect for "Sippou-yaki"(cloisonne) reminded us of the "Sippou" pattern. 
And, in the center of the logo, we placed "Higoromokonronka"(Ashanti blood) from the Congo in honor of Sapeur. 

"Sippou" means "happiness" and "harmony" and is also a geometric pattern that is infinitely connected. We want to tell our story and express our brand mission graphically and wish more people the best encounters and the most joyous moments of their lives.


Metal Butterfly

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